2012 Observations: Are Emerging Economies More Ready to Act?

In developed and emerging economies alike, policy makers and practitioners recognize the undeniable significance of technology-based entrepreneurship as a major driver of innovation and its ability to impact humanity worldwide – on both economic and social fronts. At Larta Institute, we recently reported on the breadth and impact of our work in this field in our 2012 Larta Institute Annual Report: Impact through Innovation. The report reflects a number of trends in the space and highlights Larta’s unique Network-Centric approach to entrepreneurial assistance and the activities, programs, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders involved in growing a successful “innovation network.” While the benefits of an innovation-based economy are widely accepted, in 2012, Larta experienced an increase in the readiness of governments and support organizations in emerging economies to act – to implement programs, activities and international partnerships that can transfer best practices to those supporting entrepreneurship in their country. In 2012, we developed concrete commercialization programs with partners in Serbia and Colombia and penned additional partnership agreements with organizations in Romania, Singapore and South Africa.

We also saw more and more influential industry players embrace open innovation on higher and higher levels, allowing us to raise the level of industry engagement with our entrepreneurs in 2012. Driven by the desire of industry executives to seek solutions from outside innovators, we hosted our first virtual Industry Partnering Salons in 2012, where key players across technology sectors presented their company’s technology sourcing needs and specific partnering opportunities. 11 new industry representatives also joined Larta’s Industry Advisory Board of 60+ senior executives and technology scouts, many from Fortune 1000 companies, who regularly provide market based feedback to our entrepreneurs.

We invite you to explore the 2012 Larta Institute Annual Report: Impact through Innovation at www.Larta.org/2012AR to explore more trends and learn more about how Larta accelerates the transition of innovative technologies to the marketplace where they can help the human condition and stimulate economic opportunity.