2015 Ag Innovation Showcase Opening Keynote: Sequencing the Food Supply Chain

A revolutionary initiative to meet tomorrow’s food safety challenges - Perspectives from IBM, Mars, and UC Davis

Jeffrey J. Welser

David Crean

Bart C. Weimer








A trio of senior representatives from Mars, IBM, and UC Davis, who have partnered in the newly formed Consortium For Sequencing The Food Supply Chain will discuss sequencing the food supply chain in the Ag Innovation Showcase opening keynote, and the issues it covers and raises in this thought-provoking session.

The pace of food production continues to accelerate, as demand for food (and new sources of food) increases dramatically around the globe. Today, food is managed through global supply chains, increasing food safety risk at all stages – from the extraction and production of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished goods.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in six Americans is affected by a foodborne illness each year, along with untold numbers worldwide. A significant new effort to establish a baseline for the biomes of some of our supply chains using refined tools of genomics and large-scale computational analytics is expected to create greater traceability and transparency, redefine the roles of regulators and producers, increase early warnings of contamination, and enhance our ability to deal with any eventuality of food-borne disease.

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Ag Innovation Showcase is organized by Larta Institute, BRDG Park and Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.