2015 Ag Innovation Showcase Presenting Companies

Each year, the Ag Innovation Showcase, the premier ag event devoted to innovations in the sector, features the most promising ag start-ups and research projects pursuing solutions in ag-biotech, renewable energy, sustainable materials, animal health, soil and water, and farming technology from across the globe. We are excited to announce our 2015 presenting companies. This diverse group of companies comes from the United States, Holland, Canada, India, and Israel. Together they tackle a wide range of issues that face agriculture. The Showcase presents solutions that address their commercial viability while addressing urgent issues of concern to people everywhere. The companies present in one of four showcase areas in ag: biological solutions, farming innovations, precision ag and renewables & sustainables.

Read on to get a sneak peek at the companies showcasing at our 2015 Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis, MO, September 14-16.

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture is a combination of technologies and applications to measure multiple variables in multiple locations benefiting the economy of crops, soils, groundwater and harvesting predictions. Precision agriculture is changing farming from the inside out, giving farmers from large or small scale farms, the power to maximize each growing season.

TekWear's AGVOICE™ service delivers “Simple, Fast, Reports,” via an innovative voice-first user experience and proprietary data analytics engine that enables closed-loop workflow optimization, and critical food system checklist reporting. This service meets the growing needs of the food supply chain, which is rapidly converging with public demand for farm-to-table sustainability tracking within Global Agriculture. AGVOICE™ is anchored on a mobile-to-cloud platform, allowing ‘Ag’ professionals to capture insights on-the-go more accurately; while considerably increasing everyday work efficiency as the service automates previously manual processes and antiquated data capture.
Iteris is a leader in providing information solutions to the transportation and agriculture markets. Our industry-leading precision farming platform, ClearAg™, uses field-level analyses and forecasting of canopy-level weather conditions, soil content and AI-based, adaptive feedback techniques to provide advanced decision support services for growers around the world. ClearAg combines global, multi-sensor weather analyses, ensemble-based weather forecasting, customized soil modeling and a staff of expert meteorologists to empower growers with what we believe to be the most accurate, science-based agricultural information. ClearAg is available to growers and agribusinesses through ClearAg APIs, ClearAg Visualization Components or the ClearAg Application.
HydroBio is a SaaS company that uses satellite image driven analytics to conserve water and maximize farm profitability. Currently supporting over 100,000 acres around the world, HydroBio saves farmers, agronomists, and agribusinesses time and money, by informing optimal irrigation practices and identifying problems before they impact harvest. HydroBio is integrating data across multiple platforms and delivers valuable insight directly to producers and third party devices creating a new level of convenience. We believe timely, actionable analytics offer increased control and will power a future of sustainable and profitable commercial agriculture.

Biological Solutions

Companies specializing in Biological Solutions use innovations in biotechnology and advances in analytical sciences to resolve a range traditional problems in agriculture and food production. They have a wide range that includes plant protection through gene suppression and non-gmo solutions, antimicrobial technology, mycorrhizal inoculants to help plants absorb soil nutrients, and probiotics for healthier cows.

AgriMetis develops natural product derived compounds to protect crops, recreational land, gardens and homes from weeds, fungal diseases, and insect pests.  AgriMetis both discovers novel active ingredients and develops cost effective routes to make them for this $54 billion industry. Natural products are complex molecules, which are produced in small amounts in response to environmental cues, making them difficult and expensive to work with. This has limited the ability of natural products to be widely used for crop protection.  AgriMetis is working to overcome these challenges using recent advances in synthetic biology and chemistry.
APSE develops technology for the cost effective production of RNA for topical RNAi applications in broad acre agriculture.  Topical RNA for RNAi is an exciting new non-GMO technology whose utilization is constrained by the cost, delivery and protection of RNA.  APSE technology primarily addresses cost but may also have utility for delivery and stability of RNA.  APSE encapsidation/fermentation technology is unique and scalable.  While other high use rate applications for RNA (such as for RNAi in aquaculture or animal husbandry) could also benefit from this technology APSE initial focus will be for agriculture crop protection and improvement.
Asilomar Bio is a life science company focused on improving agricultural productivity and sustainability. Asilomar Bio’s mission is to deliver bio-inspired technologies that improve productivity by mitigating environmental stresses. By providing solutions in this space, Asilomar Bio helps farmers improve crop yields and use available resources, such as water, more efficiently. We apply founding team expertise and company discovery science in plant stress biology to develop new products. Products in development include novel chemical active ingredients and new plant protection products.
Exigence Technologies Inc. is a developer, licensor and application consultant for its breakthrough antimicrobial technology. As world experts in and exclusive global providers of next generation composite biocides, the Exigence team plans to achieve rapid global distribution of its chemical compounds through strategic partnership with multinationals in the agriculture biosecurity, food processing equipment, and surface coatings industries. The Exigence biocides are particularly suited for use in high performance microbial control applications in several multi-billion dollar markets including agriculture biosecurity, antimicrobial surface coatings & films, technical textiles, water purification, medical & veterinary devices, industrial cooling and antifouling, and others.
Forrest Innovations is a global company leveraging its advanced Ribonucleic Acid Interference (RNAi) technology to address two major challenges facing humanity: (1) Dramatically reduce the burden of mosquito borne diseases which kill more children than any other cause. (2) Provide a solution for Citrus Greening, a devastating bacterial disease that is wreaking havoc in major citrus producing geographies including Florida. Led by the veteran scientific management of Beeologics which was acquired by Monsanto in 2011, Forrest is focusing on the non GM, RNAi technology thus meeting the urgent need for sustainable, non-toxic and safe solutions for Plant & Environmental Protection.
Fortified offers a new, patented drug-delivery-system to enrich ready meals with extra vitamins, minerals and proteins, encapsulated in a thin layer of gelatine. This is a breakthrough for a more vital life and the reduction of health care costs. For seniors, athletes and anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. The restaurant quality ready meals look more attractive and taste better. The Fortified meals optimize the balance of the nutritional values. The gelatine is added to the meal with the Fortified Food printer after the food preparation process, safeguarding there is hardly any loss of nutritional values.
Groundwork BioAg develops, produces and commercializes mycorrhizal inoculants for mainstream agriculture. Naturally-occurring mycorrhizal fungi help 90% of plant species absorb soil nutrients. Some plants, notably corn, require mycorrhiza to grow optimally. Mycorrhizal inoculants increase crop yields, reduce fertilizer requirements, and repel soil-borne pathogens. This wide scope of benefits is applicable to most plants, including mainstream agricultural crops. Groundwork’s uniquely vigorous and highly-concentrated products have demonstrated double-digit yield increases in major crops, including corn, sunflower, bell pepper, banana and potato. The company operates within the high-growth, multi-billion-dollar bioagriculture market and is currently earning initial revenues in several countries.
Healthy Cow is a biotech for the diary industry. We are resolving the dairy industry’s two larger problem: increased productivity and fertility. Healthy Cow is developing “natural” therapies that boosts a cow’s immunity and microbiome to optimize cow health, metabolism, and reproduction. This leads to greater productivity, greater milk quality, reduced culling, and ultimately significantly greater profitability for the producer. Our products have been field tested in over 500 dairy cows, with significantly notable improved performance and clinical endpoints. ProMunity is an oral-nasal spray immunomodulator that primes a cow’s immune system against pathogenic gram-positive and gram negative bacteria. ProPreg is a probiotic solution that augment’s a cow’s microbiome in the reproductive tract and reduces uterine infections & inflammation to ultimately improve subsequent fertility.

Renewables & Sustainables

Renewables & Sustainables are companies with innovations after the big win for the environment. Solutions include renewable energy (biomass conversion), clean waste water without the use of chemicals, bioplastics from agriculturally derived biogas, architecture materials from traditional lumbers waste product, and high-purity phosphoric acid without high volume waste.

GlucanBio’s innovative Triversa ProcessTM meets the need for a renewable, environmentally friendly process to deconstruct common biomass into its three distinct components, simultaneously converting them into chemicals and biomaterial valued from $500 - $7,000/MT.  Biomass conversion is the most promising renewable alternative to petroleum-based chemicals and fuels as wood, POEFBs, bagasse and stover are abundant and inexpensive. GlucanBio’s Triversa ProcessTM hydrolysis rates are 100x faster and milder than current solutions producing 3 distinct high-yielding revenue streams with significantly less capital and variable cost expenditures. GlucanBio’s highly qualified team represents over 170 years of commercialization experience, 630 publications, and 29,000 citations.
JDCPhosphate was founded in 2008 to commercialize its proprietary “Improved Hard Process” for the production of high purity phosphoric acid from low-grade phosphate rock without the production of phosphogypsum or any other high volume waste. Phosphoric acid is essential for fertilizers and myriad industrial products and is a $30 billion industry today. The company has raised $42 million from an international syndicate of investors and has constructed a large-scale demonstration plant in Central Florida. The company has demonstrated all key aspects of the process and is on the path to deploying the technology at full commercial scale.
Mango Materials’ technology transforms agriculturally derived biogas into biodegradable, economically and functionally competitive bioplastics. Biogas is fed to bacteria that produce a biodegradable polymer, polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). The PHA can be then formed or molded into valuable products.  Once that product is no longer needed, the PHA will break down in a microbial rich environment, such as wastewater treatment plants, landfills or agricultural facilities.  This breakdown produces methane, which can be turned back into PHA. Its operations team has the world-class scientific knowledge and technical expertise to efficiently scale production of biodegradable plastic from affordable, renewable, and locally sourced waste biogas.
Micronic Technologies’ patented water treatment technology – MicroDesalTM – cleans any water from any source. Independent testing has verified that water processed through MicroDesalTM is essentially free of contaminants. Company studies project reduced energy and capital costs and higher throughput than the competition. It is less complex, simple to operate, low maintenance, and has a small environmental footprint. MicroDesalTM removes ultra-high total dissolved solids (TDS), suspended solids, bacteria, and heavy metals in one pass without chemicals, filters, or membranes; enjoys a reduced physical footprint, and is 95% efficient. Micronic Technologies, Inc. is a woman-owned small business and located in Wise, VA.
Nashville, TN based Stony Creek Colors is the leading U.S. manufacturer of bio-based dyes for the textile industry. In partnership with small farmers in the Southeast U.S., Stony Creek produces their flagship product, natural indigo for denim. Stony Creek’s innovative, farmer-based supply chain sustainably produces naturally occurring plant based dyes with full transparency and authenticity, meeting the technical performance and volume requirements of textile mills and fashion brands worldwide without compromising product integrity.
Whole Trees engineers and manufactures waste trees into beautiful structural systems for residential and commercial buildings.  Using the latest digital tools, we’re decoding tree’s strength which makes it 50% stronger than milled wood.  We have proof of markets, revenue, factory, sales and distribution.   We are first to engineer and commercialize trees branching forms into a suite of products and IP and build with it.   Soon we will demo an on-line engineered tree catalogue for suppliers to market to building professional .  We are looking for industry partners and investments to further develop this first global engineered tree website connecting suppliers with sales.

Farming Innovations

Farming Innovations develop or deploy solutions that address big problems in traditional agriculture and aim to increase productivity and improve yield, mitigate disease through point-of-care diagnostics, eco-friendly pest control, enhance efficient distribution, reduce waste and contamination and create environmentally benign outcomes for crops.

Aquila Diagnostic Systems Inc. is a privately held Canadian company commercializing its innovative solution for point-of-care molecular (DNA/RNA) diagnostic testing. The Aquila solution provides laboratory-quality Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) diagnostics, previously only available in a central laboratory, in the clinic or in the field, thereby eliminating the inconvenience and cost of waiting days or weeks for laboratory results to be returned and treatment initiated. Target markets include the livestock sector, small and large animal veterinarians and water testing.
At Barrix Agro Sciences, the main focus is on developing, manufacturing and marketing IPM or Integrated Pest Management products to farmers for their crop cultivation. Barrix's IPM products are totally non-pesticide approach to control the pests, focusing on "Species specific control based products." Barrix's emphasis on research is the need of the hour and is concentrating on ANP’s (Abbreviated New Pheromones) and ANPA’s (Abbreviated New Pheromone Applications) for developing eco-friendly pest control measures for agriculture which supports and encourages organic farming. The unique features of this innovative scientific approach is to attract only that particular pest, which means they are species specific in nature and areable to exist with harming species such as honeybees, and butterflies.  Additionally, they are stationary baits, thus, leaving no traces on the crops. Furthermore, the impacts created by the products made by Barrix are both visible and tangible. The farmers can see the performance of the product and the product helps to increase the agricultural productivity from 20% to 80% as they prevent pre-harvest yield loss.
Landcorp Farming Limited is a leader in New Zealand agriculture and strives for best practice in dairy, sheep, beef and deer farming, for sustainable use of resources and continuous improvement in livestock genetics and farm systems. Landcorp is a State Owned Enterprise and one of New Zealand's largest farming organisations, with 140 properties.