Ag Scientists share ways to discuss technology By Nat Williams

Published by Illinois Farmer today, September 22, 2016. Read the article here. Extraordinary advances in plant breeding, especially around the newest entrant, gene editing, have given us a treasured opportunity to address fundamental issues around crop and plant science, affecting farmers and food, and consumers and changing tastes. But, given the chasm that featured in the battle over GMO, “social license”, the need to have the public on board, is a vital one. How do we seek this license? What are some key messages we should be embracing? And how do we seek to communicate the benefits and the upside of the science?

Nat Williams, of Illinois Farmer Today, picks apart these issues in covering the gene editing panel featured at this year’s Ag Innovation Showcase. We are proud to have been so closely associated with the organization of and the curation of content at the Showcase. Thanks to Nat for following Ag Showcase for so many years. – Rohit Shukla