Teaching the "Dos and Don'ts" of Commercialization: Agri-tech Commercialization Training Workshop

29 entrepreneurs from 21 award winning agri-tech companies based across the U.S. joined us in D.C. for Larta's 2-day Commercialization Training Workshop, Nov 6-7.  Entrepreneurs joined group seminars on crowd funding, partnerships, intellectual property and branding as well as receive individual feedback on how they present their company to potential investors and partners (directly from industry strategics and active investors such as Syngenta and Middleland Capital).

In all, we assembled 20 industry-savvy mentors and 14 USDA National Institute of Food & Agriculture program leaders to lay a solid commercialization knowledge foundation on which the entrepreneurs will work with Larta mentors over the next 9 months to develop an actionable commercialization plan.

A highlight of the event was certainly the first seminar, "Funding and Financing",  in which entrepreneurs were learned new rules and strategies for raising capital within the JOBS Act, passed by Congress in April 2012, making it easier for small and emerging companies to raise capital. This covered the lift of restrictions on solicitation and opportunities to raise capital from non-accredited investors through crowd funding platforms like AgFunder.com.

More pictures from the event follow.