AIS Update: Showcase companies announced for Ag Innovation Showcase at UC Davis

Ag Innovation Showcase Logo We are excited to announce the showcase companies at the Ag Innovation Showcase at Davis. Those chosen demonstrate key solutions to issues of concern for high-value crops, and will be a prominent fixture at the conference dedicated to emerging commercial innovations and the future of farming.

The showcase judges selected eleven companies from a field of more than 40 to participate in the event, based on their ability to positively disrupt agriculture in five sectors: Ag Biotech, Diagnostics, Food Science, Animal Health and Farming Innovations.

Ag Biotech

  • Afingen - Genome editing technology that precisely control specific tissues of a plant to enhance desired traits without affecting the plant’s overall function.
  • Bee Vectoring - Turns bees into delivery agents for mixtures of biological inputs for crop pest management
  • MiraculeX - Producing rare protein sweeteners that are better tasting and healthier than current sugars, produced in a lettuce protein expression system for a cost effective, scalable process.
  • Trace Genomics - A genomics data and machine learning platform screening soils for disease-causing microbes and beneficial organisms, allowing better-informed decisions about agriculture inputs and soil health management.


  • Astrona - An easy-to-use hand-held pathogen detection device to quickly monitor food contamination from bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • SnapDNA - A rapid, low-cost, portable DNA-based detection platform for detection of pathogens within hours, for food safety, and a variety of other markets.

Food Science

  • Bonumose - Produces sweet sugars that lack the same negative health consequences of traditional sugar, while significantly reducing production costs
  • InnovaNutra - A safe, food-grade carrier used in food processing to stabilize and allow for colors and taste ingredients from natural ingredients.

Animal Health

  • Heartland Farm Energy - A waste heat recovery system that reduces poultry growers energy consumption, reducing costs and improving bird health.
  • Resilient Biotics - Discovering live microbial therapeutics from the naturally occurring animal-associated microbiome that provide alternatives to current antibiotics for animal production, utilizing big data analytics and machine learning to track outbreaks of disease organisms and design treatments.

 Farming Innovations

  • UAV-IQ - Cost-effective, drone-based scouting services providing high precision field imagery and historic and predictive data, to guide decision-making for grape growers.
  • WisranOperations analysis software that improves productivity among workers, efficiency and profitability by using machine learning to capture the variability of time spent on specific, repetitive agriculture tasks. Integrated with financial analysis of the costs and labor expenditures of such tasks.

In addition to exhibiting, the companies will receive professional guidance and advisory services, present a pitch to more than 250 influencers and investors in the agriculture industry, and have access to unlimited networking time via LartaLink™, a conference meeting tool.

“We are excited to highlight this impressive group of young companies, each harnessing the latest in technology and bioscience and enabling advances in critical areas of agtech,” said Larta Institute CEO Rohit Shukla. “This showcase will serve both as a chance for these entrepreneurs to gain access to a network of top leaders in agriculture, and to highlight to a powerful agtech network the new ideas that may one day feed our future.”

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