Ag Showcase #16AIS Early Bird Registration Open

“I tell other companies – there are a lot of events at the intersection of ag and tech, but if you’re going to go to one, go to the Showcase” –Travis Bayer, Co-Founder & CTO, Asilomar Bio, 2015 AIS Presenting Company Secure your seat to this sold-out conference today! The 30% early bird discount ends May 31st!


Sold-out for the last 2 years, the Ag Innovation Showcase has become the world’s premier event focusing on the convergence of agriculture and technology. It brings together those with a significant stake in agriculture and agricultural technology – innovators, researchers, government agencies, corporations, investors and others – to promote investment in cutting-edge technology and biotechnology to meet the world’s growing food supply needs.

In an interview with Larta, Travis Bayer shared that Asilomar Bio anticipates launching another funding round later this year. “The top 10 people on our list for our next funding round are people we met at the Showcase,” says Bayer. “We made great connections there.” Read more about what Asilomar Bio gained from attending the showcase here.

There’s still time to apply to be a presenting company. Application deadline for ag companies to showcase at Ag Innovation Showcase is May 15th

As a presenter at the 2016 Showcase entrepreneurs have the opportunity to network with Ag investors, strategic advisers, and emerging innovators, engage in new industry ideas and trends, and receive mentoring from a seasoned Ag professional to help you develop an effective and memorable pitch presentation. You can learn more about the benefits of presenting here.