Earth Day Podcast with Litterati: Crowdsourcing for a Litter-Free World

How can you do your part on Earth Day? We tackle that question on our special Earth Day podcast with Litterati, an app for users to identify, collect, and geotag the world’s litter. Larta’s CEO and Founder, Rohit Shukla, and Senior Programs Manager, Sharon Senko, dive into conversation with Jeff Kirschner, CEO and Founder of Litterati on the company’s innovative crowdsourced solution to the problem of litter, their association with Larta’s NSF CAP1 Program, and what their plans are for the future.

Litterati is a current participant in our 2018 NSF-CAP cohort. As of today, Litterati has been featured on CNN, in Rolling Stone, TIME, National Geographic and on a TED Talk. Tune into our conversation with this successful startup that is healing the world, one litter pick up at a time.