Ecolyse: Award-Winning Bacterial Remediation

Ecolyse, a company developing industrial bacterial remediation products that offer immense and unparalleled potential for reducing ecological and environmental impact of human activities, recently took home the 2012 'Disrupt-o-Meter' Award at the BlueTech Forum Water Technology Conference. Ecolyse harnesses the power of Mother Nature to control industrial microbial contamination in the energy, biofuel, and water industries by utilizing bacteriophage, natural bacterial predators. Currently, most industrial bacterial problems, such as pipe corrosion, are combated using toxic biocides or antibiotics. Approximately $4 billion/year is spent on biocides to eliminate microbial induced corrosion and often, these biocides are ineffective, toxic to handle, and can risk spilling into the environment. Ecolyse’s phage product seeks to either compliment and/or eliminate the use of these toxic biocides. After receiving an NSF Phase I SBIR grant, Ecolyse worked with Larta to develop a commercialization plan. Sarah Duggleby, Product Manager, says “Larta’s CAP was invaluable in providing instruction and feedback on our commercialization plan.” The company was soon on the fast track to large scale commercial success with two major partnerships with large chemical and service providers to research treating specific bacterial contamination problems after proven success in the lab. They are also receiving wide spread industry acclaim, and were awarded the “Rising Venture Energy & Clean Technology Company” at the 2011 Rice Alliance Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum.