Educational Equity: New Podcast with 7 Generation Games

The conversation surrounding diversity within innovation and startups, specifically relating to women and minorities, has traditionally centered on modifying hiring practices and advocating for a more diverse body of workers within a specific company. But what if the key to inclusivity in innovation is to pull up a seat to the table much earlier in the process? What if we considered diversity when examining higher education opportunities afforded to women and minorities? In seeking to address some of the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion, Larta is proud to present a podcast devoted to the subject, featuring one of our own stable of entrepreneurs.  Maria Burns Ortiz, CEO and co-founder of 7 Generation Games is our guest on this 5th edition of the Ideas, Energized series.

7 Generation Games is an “EdTech” startup addressing a crucial gap in affording educational equity to all, both nationally and internationally. Larta has been working with 7 Generation Games on several USDA-CAP1 and USDA-CATP programs since 2012. 7 Generation Games creates immersive video games and interactive apps that teach math, integrating social studies and language arts in English and in Spanish.

Larta and 7 Generation Games believe in making quality education accessible for all, especially for those traditionally disadvantaged in higher education opportunities, specifically minorities and women.  7 Generation Games is a trailblazer, seeking to endow and empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow with tools and approaches that focus on the critical gaps we need to fill in our workforce.

Listen below to Claire Kinlaw, our Director of Agriculture Practice, and Sharon Senko, the Senior Program Manager of Larta's NSF-CAP, interview Maria Burns-Ortiz on diversity in hiring practices, launching a startup as a family business, and 7 Generation Games' expansion into global markets.