Ekos Acquired for $180M

Back in 2004, a little company called Ekos joined our NIH Commercialization Assistance Program, right at the onset of that program. Fast forward 10 years, the company has recently been acquired by British pharmaceutical company, BTG, for $180 million. Ekos owns, manufactures and distributes a medical device, EkoSonic, used to treat severe blood clots by use of ultrasound to thin and loosen the outer shell of the clot, allowing for greater penetration of the thrombolytic drug into the clot. The current standard treatment for severe blood clots prevents additional clots but does not reduce the existing clot. This device facilitates a faster procedure and treatment time, as well as being able to reach difficult to reach clots and completely dissolving obstructing clots. The acquisition would enhance BTG’s existing interventional medicine business and to enter the area (treatment of severe blood clots) with a significant addressable market opportunity.