GAIN: What's the big deal? Ag's new and traditional investors

AgFunder’s recent 2015 Investing Report assured us again that ag investments continue to grow, with the promise that 2016 will surpass milestones set last year. Convening our ag community has never been more important. Join us on March 23rd in St. Louis, MO for our next Global Ag Innovation Network (GAIN) event. Partnering with InvestMidwest, GAIN considers and puts on display recent deals in agriculture. The players, both traditional and non-traditional, explore the various perspectives in investment in the field, and discuss expectations of the next year and beyond.

Leading the ConversationMatt Crisp – President & CEO, Benson Hill • Mark Cupta – Vice President, Prelude Ventures • Tomas Pena – CFO, S4 AgTech • Jerry Steiner – CEO, Arvegenix • Dan Watkins – Co-Founder & Partner, Mercury Fund • Thad Simons - The Yield Lab • Rohit Shukla (Moderator) – Founder & CEO, Larta Institute


Our GAIN series curate briefings and networking events around trends, deals, and companies shaping “new Ag” for today’s ag professionals and service providers across the country. Take a look at what we have planned in 2016.

Women in Ag and Food May 17, Tuesday – Palo Alto, CA The ag industry is one of the final frontiers for women in business. Anecdotally, we are seeing more women in ag than in previous years. This lively panel will discuss where the entry points are for women, and the challenges they face in leadership roles in ag. Registration opens March 24, 2016

Innovation Blooms - Closed-Loop Systems in Los Angeles October TBD – Los Angeles, CA

Closed loop systems within urban farms scratch many itches in sustainably conscious communities, from DIY farming to water conservation to sustainable local farming. Meet the innovators in the Los Angeles region, and learn technologies have gained traction among LA’s urban farming entrepreneurs. Discover the role closed-loop systems play in local food sourcing, and the region’s water conservation initiatives, and whether local lawmakers paying attention to the new approach to urban land-use. Registration period: TBD

Taking the OMG out of GMO November TBD – Durham, NC

Consumers have rallied against GMOs and the ag industry has listened. As a result, biologicals have taken center stage. What will a post-GMO market look like, and how will the ag industry communicate to tomorrow’s consumers to learn to trust the technology? Registration period: TBD