Ginkgo Bioworks Secures $100M Series C

Ginkgo Bioworks secured $100M this month to expand its synthetic DNA bank by 600 million base pairs – the “largest amount of synthetic DNA ever purchased” according to Ginkgo.MYO_3 A recipient of a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, Ginkgo is a 2013 graduate of our NSF CAP.

The Boston-based biotech startup combines biology with technology, to efficiently and sustainably manufacture high-value and high-demand chemicals in the fragrance, flavor and food industries.

Using yeast as a base, Ginkgo’s technology adds synthetic genes to alter the bacteria cells, disrupting the natural production cycle and resulting in the production of the new desired chemical.

Why would they do this, one might ask?

“Living cells are far more efficient at using energy than man-made manufacturing processes,” says Jason Kelly, CEO of Ginkgo Bioworks.

The end product is a new species custom-designed to make a particular chemical.

According to Kelly, Ginkgo has been contracted to design 30 microbes for 15 companies. Ginkgo is most certainly a company worth watching.