Larta Alumnus Opus 12 Featured in the New York Times

Opus 12, a standout alumnus of Larta’s NSF-CAP and current participant in Larta’s energy innovation program, DOE-CAP, was featured last Thursday in the New York Times. We previously covered Opus 12’s successes, a woman-founded, woman-helmed clean-tech startup, and they have continued to garner accolades from the likes of Forbes, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair. Opus 12’s platform technology recycles carbon dioxide emissions into cost-competitive fuels and materials, with the potential to offset 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Their company aims to scale commercially, creating a solution to prevent further climate change and heal the world.

The New York Times recognized Kendra Kuhl, the Co-founder of Opus 12, as one of their visionaries. The Times’ characterized its chosen “visionaries” as “driven by some cause that compels them to find the courage and take certain risks and work damn hard at it." In Opus 12’s case, we heartily agree, and applaud the innovation, ingenuity, and industriousness of Opus 12’s team as they seek to combat climate change.

"We appreciate this recognition of the work we're doing to provide a profitable solution to carbon dioxide emissions," says Kuhl. "Early stage funding from small business innovative research grants and the commercialization help they provide has helped immensely to move Opus 12 toward realizing our vision."