Larta Institute’s Summer of IPOs and awards

The summer of 2016 has proven to be a record one for Larta Institute and our graduated companies. During the months of June through August, three graduates of Larta’s CAP cohorts have enjoyed success in funding, recognition, and advancement of their innovative technologies. SenesTech sets terms for $30M IPO and receives EPA approval for humane rodent control

In the never-ending battle of man vs. rat, we now have a humane way to reclaim our cities.

"ContraPest® has the ability to revolutionize how we control rodent pest populations in the United States by focusing on the root cause of the problem - reproduction," commented Dr. Loretta Mayer, CEO of SenesTech.

Senestech is a graduate of Larta’s 2008 and 2012 NIH CAP, and a 2013 Ag Innovation Showcase presenting company.

Pulse biosciences closes $20 Million IPO

Founded as RPN Research by a husband and wife team in 2001 to closing a $20 million IPO earlier this year, Pulse Biosciences is a true success story of our NIH CAP.

Pulse Bioscience is developing a Nano-Pulse Electro-Signaling (NPES) device that will trigger cell death in cancerous tissue without harming the healthy surrounding tissue. The signaling also activates the patient’s immune system, inhibiting the growth and regrowth of new cancerous tissue.

“Our technology will change the way we treat cancer.” – Richard Nuccitelli, CSO Pulse Biosciences

Uniqarta, Inc. named “Best University Startup 2016” to present at Congress’s first University Startups Demo Day

With ultra-thin, flexible electronics that can be integrated with common materials such as paper or plastic, Uniqarta is a company worth watching. Uniqarta's technology could revolutionize electronics as we know it - enabling electronic and IoT functionality in normally inert items.

A recent graduate of Larta’s 2015 NSF CAP program, Uniqarta has also received an NSF Phase II award.

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