Monsanto Bayer merger, opinions from the co-founders of Ag Showcase

On the third day of the Ag Innovation Showcase we heard that Monsanto and Bayer had agreed to terms for the merger.  Indeed, the press conference announcing this was held just across the street from the Danforth Plant Science Center, which hosts the Showcase every year. Bill Tiedje and Nat Williams from Iowa Farmer Today were able to get reactions from Sam Fiorello and Rohit Shukla, partners and co-founders of the Ag Innovation Showcase, on their take of the news – how it will affect the industry.

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Some of you may remember this Vox article, Ag’s Big 6 Mergers, from August 2016, when this last merger was in the works (and when another gigantic mergers, between Dow and Dupont had already been agreed).  In that article, we featured the thoughts and reflections of two esteemed members of our Ag network, Vonnie Estes, and Ron Meussen, on the landscape which we were witnessing.

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