Mythbusting GMOs

At Larta, we want to help the science community take the OMG out of GMOs. The myths around GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and consumer confusion over the battle against them has consumed vast swaths of the Internet and is a major reason behind the explosive growth of organic foods.

At the Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis last year, we featured a spotlight session on the topic. We intend to explore the continuing evolution of the science and its path to adoption and acceptance by the public through curated conversations across the country. This year’s Showcase, for example, will feature a conversation about gene editing, whose revolutionary promise is only now being realized in the production of food and the treatment of disease.

This opinion piece in the LA Times does a good job busting the mythology around both GMOs and organic foods. We are happy that there is a well-deserved push back occurring, taking on the obvious misinformation that has been spread, sometimes irresponsibly, by large specialty food interests. We were also heartened by the news of over 100 Nobel Laureates who signed a letter to Greenpeace urging them to rethink its scientifically baseless anti-GMO campaign.