On-Demand Power

Packet Digital, an NIH SBIR grant recipient that builds computer chips for electronics to draw power from batteries more efficiently, has developed On-Demand Power®. The real-time system wide power management extends battery life, improves efficiency, and simultaneously improves performance and thermal management for the commercial, industrial, military, and medical markets. Possible applications of the technology include extended battery life in portable electronic and medical devices and helping consumer electronics companies and branches of the military develop faster, smarter, smaller products. Packet Digital can improve battery life by 40% in medical devices or reduce the battery size of implantable devices. If the technology was implemented in 14% of data center servers, it could eliminate the need for an entire power plant.While working with Larta in its NIH-CAP program, Packet Digital has made significant progress in commercializing its technology. It was recognized as one of the game-changing aerospace and defense suppliers with its unique response to market needs, cost improvements, and positive effects on integration barriers at the Aviation Week Innovation Challenge Showcase in Washington, DC. This industry acclaim goes hand in hand with international distribution deals, namely with EDOM for distribution in Taiwan and with Digi-Key Corporation for worldwide distribution. Terri Zimmerman, COO, tells us “we are negotiating a license agreement with a major electronics company for worldwide distribution of new products enabled by On-Demand Power technology”. She says “The Larta CAP program has enabled us to focus on our medical device strategy. Through the CAP program we have completed a market analysis, commercialization strategy, and a technology licensing plan. We have met with industry leaders and influencers and have commenced negotiations on licensing. The program has enabled us to develop a solid market-entry plan and poised us for success in a new market”