Presenting our 2016 GAIN calendar of events

2015 broke all records in AgTech investment and focused attention on issues around agriculture and food. With uncertainty around food production looming in the next few decades and post-GMO technologies taking center stage, agricultural innovation has become as essential to global discussion as our three square meals a day. To help the ag investment community stay abreast of the current ag issues and innovations, Larta has, with select partners, continued its Global Ag Innovation Network (GAIN) series facilitating briefings and networking events based on the trends, deals, and companies shaping “new Ag,” designed for today’s ag professionals, investors and service providers across the country.

Take a look at what we have planned in 2016 and join us at our upcoming event on February 2nd in Palo Alto, California.

GAIN globeDown to Earth: What technologies are farmers really using? Tuesday, February 2, 2016 – Palo Alto, CA, with Sidley Austin LLP As entrepreneurs capitalize on the boom in “Ag Tech” investing, a number of technologies have come into focus as potential drivers of value in agriculture, potentially leading to increased yield, greater precision in crop and farm management, and more control over varied processes. What issues, if any, surround the adoption of these technologies among end users, the farmers? What technologies are they using, what is working and what are the continuing challenges that will need to be addressed?

Panel: Phil Christensen, citrus, nut and tree fruit orchards, Agriglobe Nathan Dorn, berries grower, Reiter Affiliated Company Stuart Woolf, President and CEO, Woolf Farming Company

Moderator: Josh Hofheimer, Partner at Sidley Austin LLP

GAIN globeWhat's the big deal? Ag's new and traditional investors March 23, Wednesday – St. Louis, MO, with InvestMidwest 2015 was a record year for investment in the sectors and the industry is poised to surpass this record in 2016. Held in partnership with InvestMidwest, this forum considers recent deals in agriculture and the players, traditional and non-traditional alike, explores the various perspectives around investment in the field, and discusses expectations of the next year and beyond. Registration opens February 3, 2016

GAIN globeWomen in Ag and Food May 17, Tuesday – Palo Alto, CA, with Sidley Austin LLP The ag industry is one of the last frontiers for women in business. Anecdotally, we are seeing more women in ag than in previous years. Where are the entry points for women, and what are the challenges they face in leadership roles in ag? Registration opens March 24, 2016

GAIN globeInnovation Blooms - Closed-Loop Systems in Los Angeles October TBD – Los Angeles, CA, with Sidley Austin, and in association with LA Innovation Week So-called “closed loop systems” within urban settings scratches many itches, from DIY farming and water conservation to sustainable local farming. Who are the innovators in the area and which technologies have gained traction in the vast urban landscape of Los Angeles? How large a part does it play in local food sourcing, which together with water conservation is at the edge of a consumer movement? Finally, are local consumers and lawmakers paying attention to these new approaches to urban land-use? Registration opens: TBD

GAIN globeTaking the OMG out of GMO November TBD – Durham, NC There has been much discussion around campaigns (focused on consumers) against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Science, meanwhile, has focused on new solutions that consider other approaches to disease and environmental resistance. These include the use of “biologicals” and “microbials,” equipping agriculture with new tools that work with existing elements in nature. Is there such a thing as a “post-GMO” marketplace, or is this another set of tools in our arsenal? There is no clear answer as we emerge into a new world of possibilities around food production. Registration opens: TBD