Silicon Valley Needs to Lose the Arrogance or Risk Destruction

A growing backlash from consumers over Silicon Valley's "arrogance problem" is leading some people to negatively classify some of the region's tech companies in the same bucket as bankers and oil companies in the belief that they are only out to serve themselves. While Silicon Valley was a beautiful accident that allowed many companies to thrive, it would be a mistake to think there is no substitute. In a world where business partners, collaborators, talent and opportunities are more connected each day than the last (party in thanks to technologies developed in Silicon Valley), entrepreneurs do not need to depend on a region or any physical locality to prosper. In fact, they can and should look far beyond their region no matter where they reside, even those in Silicon Valley. Looking far beyond a region to create an innovation ecosystem of experts, industry, governments and investors centered around entrepreneurs and researchers is what we call the Network-Centric model at Larta. It is a growing movement and is becoming the new paradigm for innovation management - not necessarily seeking to replace "clusters" like silicon valley, but to connect the best knowledge and talent across all boarders.

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