Solum: Game Changing Technology in Precision Agriculture

Solum Inc. recently launched its No-Wait Nitrate system, revolutionizing the field of precision agriculture. This system allows growers to instantaneously measure the nitrate content of soil. The in-field measurement system provides farmers accurate results in three minutes as compared to the three day time lag when conventional lab testing methods are used. With both time and cost savings, Solum’s platform enables farmers to use fertilizers on a highly granular and targeted basis, allowing optimal management of every acre of soil. Without the No-Wait Nitrate system, Solum’s customers would not have been able to detect that certain soil samples had over four times the recommended amount of nitrate in a timely manner, and adjust field management practices accordingly. Better plantation and fertilization practices directly impact per acre yield, allowing farmers to maximize farm productivity. Solum first worked with Larta in 2010 through the NSF-Commercialization Assistance Program for SBIR Phase I grantees, completing a $2 million Series A funding round in the same year. In 2011, Solum also presented at the Ag Innovation Showcase. The company's journey continues by leaps and bounds with a $17 million Series B financing round earlier this year that will allow Solum to respond to the increasing demands of the market. They were also listed as the # 2 "Top Ag Technology Story" for 2012's First Half by PrecisionAg Network!

Aiming to offer the best measurements through its soil process technology, the company is excited to announce the opening of a state-of-the-art soil analysis laboratory in Ames, Iowa. Solum received state-level certifications for this laboratory in September, enabling them to continue providing quality measurements. The new Ames facility has begun accepting commercial soil samples.

With the Ag industry actively looking to data solutions for its most pressing problems, it will be interesting to watch Solum's contributions to this new wave of data and software driven agriculture innovations.