Symme3D represents Romania at UberPitch challenge

Up and coming startup Symme3D will represent Romania at the innovative pan-European UberPITCH Challenge – an elevator pitch on wheels, where startups present their ideas to investors and seasoned entrepreneurs in the backseat of an Uber trip. Symme3D has designed and built the first delta based multifunctional platform for 3D printing, laser etching and CNC routing.

“With little to no frame vibration and no resonance, our product has faster print times than anything on the market,” says Calin Brandabur, CEO of Symme3D. “We offer the largest print volume with the smallest footprint, making Symme3D’s printer one of the most efficient products available today.”

While this may be Symme3D’s first time around the block in an UberPitch, last October they were named Startup of the Year at the Central European Startup Awards in Romania. Prior to that, Symme3D won a Gold Medal at the International Inventors Saloon in Timisoara in June 2015.

Symme3D is also a current portfolio company in our Romanian Innovation Commercialization Accelerator Program (RICAP). They have over 400 orders to date, and shipping to the U.S. will soon be available.

Watch this cool video of the making of a Symme3D printer: