The 2014 Ag Innovation Showcase is a huge success

The 2014 Ag Innovation Showcase set another record and has ascended to world-class status. 20 promising Ag start-ups from across the globe were invited to present their technology. These technologies ranged from software and tools to control the use of precious water, to a device using UV to increase crop yields, to delivering a new generation of enzyme solutions for the animal nutrition industry, and using a non-food winter crop for renewable fuel production. In panel discussions, we discussed major issues facing ag to the profile of the new modern farmer to the role of biotechnology beyond GMs. The 2014 Showcase came to an end with the closing keynote delivered by Dr. Steve Savage, who provoked us to think about navigating the unique aspects of what he called the “21st century global food challenge.” After 6 years, the Showcase has proven to more than a conference but a community with new faces joining the ones who have attended since the inception in 2009. Each year it gets better and better, this year with over 400 attendees from 12 countries & 33 US states. If you missed this event sign up now for next year’s event set to be held on September 14-16, 2015.

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