Announcing the Second Wave of Early-Stage AgTech Companies to Present at 11th Annual Ag Innovation Showcase

Companies will Debut Innovations which Address Critical Topics in Water, Air Quality, and Soil Health

Larta has announced the second wave of the 2019 cohort of early-stage AgTech and food companies to present at the 11th Annual Ag Innovation Showcase, which has moved from its origins in St. Louis to a new home in Minneapolis. A mainstay of the event, the selected companies will gain visibility to investors, partners, and customers in the global ag and food industries while presenting transformative ideas that address areas of critical need. Additional company announcements will continue throughout the week.

The innovations to be featured all exhibit key solutions for the challenges facing food and agriculture, and trace the arc of concerns in precise plant nutrition solutions and the future of farming, touching areas as diverse as virtual marketplaces, plant protection, soil and resource management, precision agriculture, health and nutrition and the distribution of food.

 Over its decade-long history, 97% of showcase presenters have been introduced to new partnership opportunities, and 83% found new investor leads. Presenting companies have collectively raised more than $1.7 billion after their Showcase debut.

Innovative solutions in the area of food and ag have the potential to compress and remake the value chain of traditional agriculture. Companies highlighted in the Showcase also feature diversity in their approaches and in the development of their management teams.  

“We’re especially proud to be able to present these innovations to our new Minneapolis audience, selected via a rigorous jury process,” said Larta Institute CEO Rohit Shukla. “All of the companies solve real problems facing this most critical of sectors and have great relevance to buyers, investors and partners. “


Subject Topics: Water, Air Quality, & Soil Health

GroGuru, Inc.



GroGuru is focused on providing solutions to farmers for strategic irrigation management. Their products and services help farmers make more money by increasing crop yield, while at the same time more efficiently using water and other scarce resources in a sustainable way. They provide a 100% wireless underground system (WUGS) which enables permanent installation of soils sensors even in annual field crops. Their solutions are IoT for AgTech and we provide a hardware enabled software as a service (SaaS) solution to farmers.

Micronic is commercializing a patented wastewater concentration technology, MicroEVAP™. It reduces wastewater volume by >95%; removes most contaminants by >99%; and is projected to cost 65% less than the competition. MicroEVAP™’s best application is the wastewater industry zero liquid discharge (ZLD) market; where >95% of water is reused, and wastes are concentrated for efficient disposal. Driven by environmental, economic, and regulatory pressures; industry is embracing ZLD as the market moves to a more sustainable future. Micronic won the Cleantech Open (regional); was Semi-Finalist in the Ocean Exchange Competition; won the GE-Statoil Innovation Challenge; and completed Larta’s USDA Commercialization Program.


Current food ingredient production is dirty, slow and expensive. 18% of greenhouse gases come from farming animal and petroleum ingredients and those processes take up 26% of the total surface of the planet. We need new plant-based sources to meet this demand. Spira creates microalgae ingredients as a replacement for petroleum and animal products in our food supply. They leverage a network of global farms to meet overwhelming demand and are looking for partners and investors to scale.

Continuum Ag makes it possible to monetize soil health. This is accomplished by converting varied soil data formats, languages and units into a universal format. Continuum Ag software then benchmarks different geographies, soil types and farming practices in a way never before possible. These data derived benchmarks will allow growers, landowners, and various companies to directly cash in on healthy soil as they meet an overwhelming consumer demand for sustainably sourced products. Continuum Ag's solution is ground up, with the team having deep rooted farming and agronomic backgrounds.

enVerde provides circular economy solutions by economically repurposing carbon-containing waste into clean, sustainable energy and chemicals. Agricultural, industrial, commercial, and other organizations decrease their operating expenses by significantly reducing their waste streams and creating clean fuels/heat they can use locally and immediately. enVerde’s patented gasification technology, built by a team with over 220 years of cleantech experience, is based on intellectual property from the University of Minnesota.

Locus Ag develops microbial-based, green solutions that solve grower profit and sustainability challenges by maximizing crop productivity while simultaneously minimizing carbon footprint and environmental impact. The solutions can be tailored to regional conditions and focus on improving soil health, increasing soil carbon content, enhancing plant vigor and ultimately boosting crop yields. The team’s probiotic experts developed industry-first fermentation technology that transforms proven microbes (“probiotics”) into reliable, cost-effective products that are delivered via a unique cold distribution process to ensure consistent performance. Treatments are easily applied without changing grower practices, and have shown substantial results in more than 24+ crops.


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