Announcing the Final Wave of Early-Stage AgTech Companies to Present at 11th Annual Ag Innovation Showcase

Companies will Debut Innovations which Address Critical Topics in Plant Nutrition and Food

Larta has announced the third and final wave of the 2019 cohort of early-stage AgTech and food companies to present at the 11th Annual Ag Innovation Showcase, which has moved from its origins in St. Louis to a new home in Minneapolis. A mainstay of the event, the selected companies will gain visibility to investors, partners, and customers in the global ag and food industries while presenting transformative ideas that address areas of critical need. Additional company announcements will continue throughout the week.

The innovations to be featured all exhibit key solutions for the challenges facing food and agriculture, and trace the arc of concerns in precise plant nutrition solutions and the future of farming, touching areas as diverse as virtual marketplaces, plant protection, soil and resource management, precision agriculture, health and nutrition and the distribution of food.

 Over its decade-long history, 97% of showcase presenters have been introduced to new partnership opportunities, and 83% found new investor leads. Presenting companies have collectively raised more than $1.7 billion after their Showcase debut.

Innovative solutions in the area of food and ag have the potential to compress and remake the value chain of traditional agriculture. Companies highlighted in the Showcase also feature diversity in their approaches and in the development of their management teams.  

“We’re especially proud to be able to present these innovations to our new Minneapolis audience, selected via a rigorous jury process,” said Larta Institute CEO Rohit Shukla. “All of the companies solve real problems facing this most critical of sectors and have great relevance to buyers, investors and partners. “


Subject Topics: Plant Nutrition, Food

GreenLight Biosciences

GreenLight Biosciences is a pioneer in safe, effective and targeted biocontrol solutions for agriculture using RNAi technology. The company, led by an experienced executive team, is developing a pipeline of products that address agricultural pests and diseases – not the plant or beneficial insects like pollinators – to help farmers protect crops and respond to increasing consumer demand for safer and more sustainable options for growing food.

Pebble Labs was formed to apply innovative science and develop rationally-designed disruptive technologies to address the greatest agricultural, health and environmental challenges facing the globe. Our core technology was developed by our CSO, Dr. Richard Sayre, and his team. Dr. Sayre is a world renown scientist with extensive biotech experience in both private sector and Universities and was formerly at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The senior management of Pebble is a diverse, seasoned team having significant experience in fund raising, managing start-ups, product development and global regulatory affairs. It is our vision to safely and sustainably eliminate pathogens in the domains of agriculture, aquaculture and vector-borne disease without pesticides or antibiotics.

Agrynex is the successful developer of enzyme-based crop protection products that deploy a naturally occurring antimicrobial system to protect seeds. This broad-spectrum system is effective against bacterial and fungal pathogens, weakening and eliminating the threat with no or fewer conventional chemicals. We are currently applying our patented technology to seed disinfection solutions and coatings in the vegetable and specialty crop markets, and are targeting the row crop treatment market. Agrynex is headquartered in Ithaca, NY, USA. We are a team of engineers, business development professionals, and experienced agricultural research professionals with a strong, including scientists at Cornell, farmers, and manufacturers.

NanoSpy introduces the new state-of-the-art in rapid pathogen detection biosensors. Using proprietary and patented technologies, they leverage our expertise in biomedical engineering, microbiology, and nano-materials to dramatically simplify the detection process with a new paradigm in biosensor platforms. For food processing companies who must protect their product against pathogen contamination, NanoSpy provides an on-site rapid detection method that is highly sensitive (down to 5 CFU/mL or less ), highly specific (no false positives or false negatives), supports a variety of sample matrices, and gets results in less than 20 minutes, all without a laboratory or time-consuming bacteria enrichment process.

Psigryph, Inc.

Whey protein scoop. Sports nutrition.

Psigryph has identified multiple potential product lines for our company including the food and pharmaceutical industries that will benefit from our technologies. They can provide nutritional food ingredients and drug delivery technology for poorly soluble molecules to the pharma and cannabis industries. They have shown the obesity prevention potential of the food powder in animal studies that have shown chronic disease prevention potential. They see the food powder as the first product to be launched in 2020. They are also exploring the possibility of a cannabis edible product and nutrition bar to be launched in Canada in partnership with an LP in 2020.

SDC’s single focus since its founding over ten years ago has been the development of a highly sensitive and selective platform technology for detecting minute amounts of gaseous volatile organic compounds using nano-crystalline tin oxide sensors. SDC’s prior work resulted in a platform technology that was used by SDC to build a sensor device for sensing mycotoxin-related gases from mold on grain. This device was sold for $10,000 to a major pet food manufacturer. SDC extended this platform technology to sense stored product insect pheromones and semiochemicals. SDC’s staff has extensive experience in fabricating and experimenting with these sensors.


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