3 Key Trends in Life Science From the 2019 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference


As has been customary over many years, Larta was well represented at the 2019 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. I was joined by my colleague, Carlos Gutierrez, our Chief Strategy Officer, as we sought to connect with key stakeholders of the healthcare industry. What is remarkable about the event is not the conference itself, which is well subscribed in and of itself. Rather, it is what occurs around the city, outside the formal conference venue, that creates opportunities to connect, converse and confirms value for the 3-day event.  Over 9,000 individuals and 450 companies participated in events including receptions, salons, private meetings, and member-exclusive cocktail hours. The city was bustling with life—nearly every hotel room, coffee shop, street corner, and hotel lobby had been turned into an impromptu meeting space, hosting networking opportunities for healthcare’s best and brightest.

At Larta, we work to create an ecosystem of mentors for the companies we work with, and ”JPM” as it is known, serves as a critical opportunity to connect with biotech and medtech executives, entrepreneurs and innovators, domain experts, and service providers. While at the conference, we connected with representatives from Novo Nordisk, Focus Investment Banking, UCLA, Bayer, Siemens, Worldwide Clinical Trials, Deerfield Management, and Sidley LLP; as important, we reconnected with several current NIH CAP companies and Principal Advisors.

In our meetings, we were also able to discuss some important upcoming trends in life science and health care. Usman Habib from Stryker commented about the growing implementation of AI and VR simulations and visualizations for the operating room. Murali Gopalakrishnan from AbbVie gave our team insight on the increasing necessity for data in every part of innovation, and we discussed how to best use such analyses for our benefit.

From our many conversations , here are three interrelated key trends we can expect to see and work with in 2019:

1. Ongoing Investment in Technology Innovations

Healthcare delivery systems are being driven by a continuing focus on leveraging platforms and tools to provide quicker and more customized care.

2. Data is King

Healthcare providers are looking to streamline and prioritize the process of leveraging data to drive better outcomes and lower cost.

3. The Wellness Gene

Genomic data, and the use of such data to improve healthcare, medicine, and wellness for people around the world, is a growing area of interest and preoccupation, and particularly in the Asian countries. This was driven home at the Wu Xi Global Forum this year.

We look forward to seeing these trends flourish, as well as navigate new themes along the way.

Judy Hsieh