Larta Goes to Sacramento

Larta’s Carlos Gutierrez (CSO), Isabel Casillas Guzman (Senior Advisor) and Rohit Shukla (CEO) accompanied by representatives from current and alumni companies Blue Forest Conservation, Mango Materials, and 7 Generation Games stand at the entrance of California’s capitol in Sacramento.

Larta’s Carlos Gutierrez (CSO), Isabel Casillas Guzman (Senior Advisor) and Rohit Shukla (CEO) accompanied by representatives from current and alumni companies Blue Forest Conservation, Mango Materials, and 7 Generation Games stand at the entrance of California’s capitol in Sacramento.

This week, Larta Institute’s CEO, CSO and Senior Advisory will embark on a mission to Sacramento to discuss with California lawmakers a proposal to expand services to the State level through the Commercialization Assistance Initiative. They will be accompanied by representatives from 5 Larta companies in order to mobilize technology commercialization and the growth of California’s economy through the empowerment of diverse entrepreneurs, focusing distinctively on the connection between research and sustainable practices to meet climate goals.

The 5 companies in attendance have very strong and unique offerings, and Larta is proud to help boost their voices in the political sphere.



(National Science Foundation CAP1 2012, Ag Innovation Showcase 2015)

Representative: Anne Schauer-Gimene (VP Customer Engagement) z & Molly Morse (CEO), Founders

Mango Materials produces a naturally occurring bio-polymer from waste bio-gas (methane) that is economically competitive with conventional oil-based materials. Mango Materials is a start-up with a first-class team of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators. Mango Materials was incorporated in 2010 and received its first round of funding in 2011.

Mango Materials’ CEO Molly Morse was recognized by US Clean Energy Education and Empowerment Group in December 2018, and received the Entrepreneurship award. Anne recently gave a TEDxUW-GreenBay talk regarding “extroverted engineering” applying to sales and marketing.


(National Science Foundation CAP 2014A, 2018A)

Representative: Supriya Jaiswal, Founder & CEO

Astrileux’s strategy is to design revolutionary advanced engineering technologies that enable high volume manufacturing of next generation integrated circuits (IC) chips. The implications of this development are to accelerate the arrival of next generation computing technology creating faster, smaller more powerful mobile devices and providing evolutionary advances in quality of life for a globally-social electronic community.

Astrileux and Supriya have recently been accepted as a project and fellow for Cyclotron Road, a Berkeley based accelerator that assists in the maturation of projects through funding and commercial guidance.


(Dept. of Energy CAP Phase 1 & 2, 2017-2018)

Representative: Bjorn Paulsson, Founder & CEO

Paulsson, Inc. is a small organization in the oil and gas exploration services industry located in Van Nuys, CA. It opened its doors in 2007 and has since been producing and providing services with conventional and fiber optic equipment for geophysical exploration. Larta has been a key player in the development of monitors and sensors that assist in the safe, sustainable, and efficient practices of shale oil drilling.


(US Dept. of Agriculture CAP1, 2017-2019)

Representative: Zach Knight, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Blue Forest Conservation (BFC) is a Public Benefit Company with a mission to develop financially sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. Founded in 2015, BFC developed the Forest Resilience Bond to address the need for investment in forest health across the Western U.S. while building the market for conservation finance. They developed the $4.6M Forest Resilience Bond (FRB) in November 2018.

Development of the FRB is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Bella Vista Foundation, and Fink Foundation. Additional support has been provided by the USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant program, USDA Small Business Innovation Research program, and Healthy Watersheds Consortium grant program facilitated through a partnership of the US EPA, USDA-NRCS, and the US Endowment for Forestry and Communities.

Larta has assisted in the development of advanced remote sensors that measure water yield for ecological forest restoration priorities, and support research that promotes investment in fire-prone watersheds in California.


(US Dept. of Agriculture CAP1 & CATP, 2013-2019)

Representative: Maria Burns-Ortiz, Founder & CEO

7 Generation Games merges educational research, game design, and innovative technologies to increase test scores in math, language, history, and other subjects through interactive games that teach tangible skills. These games highlight elementary math skills, English and Spanish Fluency, Native American history, and celebrate the diversity of America through education.

Larta has assisted in the development of this EdTech since 2013, and continues to assist in the efforts of 7GG.

Larta’s mission is to transform technology ideas into solutions that feed, fuel and heal the world. Diversity and sustainability are the pathways to California innovation, and we’re proud to help this beautiful state lead the way to a bright future by creating synergy between lawmakers and entrepreneurs.

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