Announcing the First Wave of Early-Stage AgTech Companies to Present at 11th Annual Ag Innovation Showcase

Companies will Debut Innovations which Address Critical Topics in Animal Health and Digital Tools

Larta has announced the first wave of the 2019 cohort of early-stage AgTech and food companies to present at the 11th Annual Ag Innovation Showcase, which has moved from its origins in St. Louis to a new home in Minneapolis. A mainstay of the event, the selected companies will gain visibility to investors, partners, and customers in the global ag and food industries while presenting transformative ideas that address areas of critical need. Additional company announcements will continue throughout the week.

The innovations to be featured all exhibit key solutions for the challenges facing food and agriculture, and trace the arc of concerns in precise plant nutrition solutions and the future of farming, touching areas as diverse as virtual marketplaces, plant protection, soil and resource management, precision agriculture, health and nutrition and the distribution of food.

 Over its decade-long history, 97% of showcase presenters have been introduced to new partnership opportunities, and 83% found new investor leads. Presenting companies have collectively raised more than $1.7 billion after their Showcase debut.

Innovative solutions in the area of food and ag have the potential to compress and remake the value chain of traditional agriculture. Companies highlighted in the Showcase also feature diversity in their approaches and in the development of their management teams.  

“We’re especially proud to be able to present these innovations to our new Minneapolis audience, selected via a rigorous jury process,” said Larta Institute CEO Rohit Shukla. “All of the companies solve real problems facing this most critical of sectors and have great relevance to buyers, investors and partners. “


Subject Topics: Animal Health & Digital Tools

Beta Hatch, Inc.


Feeding 10 billion people will require incredible innovation - by 2050 we need to grow twice as much protein as we do today. Beta Hatch is industrializing the production of insects such as mealworms as a sustainable protein for animal feed. Through patent-pending equipment, trade secret process and unique genetic stock they grow the world’s most efficient protein (over 500 times the acre yield of soy). They are a team of experts (6 PhDs) in entomology, engineering, and entrepreneurship. The Beta Hatch vision is for insects to reach their full potential in our food systems as nature’s nutrient cyclers.


CHONEX is developing a proprietary and patentable process that uses black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) to recycle chicken manure into high-value, organic fertilizer and animal protein (black soldier fly larvae). In detail, the process involves applying a specialized blend of bacteria, ammonia inhibitors, other specialized micro-organisms, and black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) to poultry (layer) manure which then consumes and recycles the manure into a high-value organic fertilizer with special anti-fungal, microbial properties, and an AAFCO approved protein feed for poultry and aquaculture.


NETZRO provides a sustainable integrated food waste solution through its proprietary process of reducing, recovering and re-harvesting. The vision of NETZRO is to eliminate food waste and expand the food economy without growing more food.

BeeHero is maximizing crop yields through pollination. The company’s technology combines sophisticated machine learning algorithms with low-cost sensors to stimulate full output potential during peak pollination cycles while helping to deal with one of the world's crises - Colony Collapse Disorder. By tracking and optimizing pollination in real-time, BeeHero ensures hyper-efficient pollinators that can increase crop yields by 30% on average. Beehero’s platform already enables commercial growers to optimize crop-yield for 70% of major commercial crops. BeeHero's team is a combination of deep tech experts and generations of experience in the commercial beekeeping domain.


Grain Discovery is building a digital ecosystem that addresses the pain points that have historically surrounded the global commodity supply chain – traceability, price opacity and connectivity to new markets. They are leveraging the latest blockchain technology to create an efficient, transparent and secure market that simplifies and enhances the connection between sellers and buyers. Marketing and selling continues to be agriculture’s most challenging business segments yet provides the biggest growth opportunity for those willing to adopt new technology and practices. This technology will provide a mechanism for the commodity industry to capitalize on this market opportunity and build additional value into their product.


An Industry-leading source of corn yield forecasts that promise crop production forecasts at least one month ahead of the USDA estimate.


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